This Will Make You Realize How B2B Video Marketing Could be the Savior You’re Looking For

This Will Make You Realize How B2B Video Marketing Could be the Savior You’re Looking For

Video marketing is not just the present – it’s the future of digital marketing.

And if somebody told you that this isn’t applicable for your B2B business, that somebody doesn’t know what they’re talking about. In fact, only 63% of businesses used video marketing in 2017, but that number has risen to 81% this year. 

Why would that number rise if it isn’t working or applicable to the B2B market?

You see, when it comes to B2B, the question isn’t whether video marketing is necessary or not. The real question here is, what kind of videos should you be focusing on as a B2B business?

Teaser Videos

10 to 30 seconds is all takes to create a buzz. 

Just because you aren’t target consumers directly doesn’t mean you can’t tease your audiences about upcoming products, services, events, and anything else you’re releasing soon. Teaser videos are actually great in the B2B market because you know how pressed for time other people in the business are. If anything, the short format makes it perfect because your audience gets to enjoy direct-to-the-point, high-energy language, a wealth of information delivered in a fast-paced manner, and (hopefully) a few seconds of awesome entertainment.

Just take a peek at this teaser video from LinkedIn Marketing Solutions:

Explainer Videos

As a business, you’re probably doing a lot of explaining most of the time. How does your product work? How does it solve your target market’s problems? Even current customers probably have a few questions on their minds as well.

Using explainer videos allow you to save up on time answering the same questions over and over again. At least you get to pour all your time into answering more specific and unique questions that your videos won’t be able to cover.

The ideal explainer video can be as short as 30 seconds, to as long as 3 minutes.  

This Slack video does a fantastic job in explaining how their system works:

But what if 3 minutes still isn’t enough to explain the whole thing? 

Then you may want to consider splitting your explainer video into different sections or sub-topics. One sub-topic, one video. 

Product Videos

Just because it’s called a product video does not mean that you can only use it for products. You can actually use it to highlight a service, or to introduce a new tech you’ve been working on. 

This Intel video comes to mind when it comes to B2B product videos:

As you can see, Intel showed an actual person applying their VR tech in different tasks that, possibly, could be among the regular parts of their daily operational routine. In a video that lasted for less than 3 minutes Intel effectively made anybody who’s watching imagine how that tech would look like when used in their own business.

Video Essays

In the world of B2B, it’s normal for players to pass around data. These usually come in the form of case studies, business plans, slideshows, and other similar content forms. 

But can you imagine how engaging it would be if all these data were delivered in video form?

Look at this video from HubSpot:

Using a video to explain the topic instead of creating an entire case study about it actually made it easier to understand. It was also entertaining at the same time, so there’s a better chance of your audience actually absorbing the information being relayed.

Just remember that these videos won’t be as efficient if you use the wrong platforms to deliver them. This is where your research comes in. Know where your audiences are and what platforms they use. 

Don’t focus on this alone as well – integrate video marketing with all other marketing forms you’re using. From there, you’ll see your numbers improving and would probably start to wonder why you didn’t start doing this a whole lot sooner.


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