NO Budget for Ads? You Can Still Improve Website Traffic!

NO Budget for Ads? You Can Still Improve Website Traffic!

In January 2018, there were over 1.8 billion websites in the entire world. Yup, that’s how HUGE the worldwide web has become. This is why for a lot of people, it makes sense for them to pay for ads, especially if these ads help them make their pages pop out from a sea of other sites.

But ads aren’t always part of the budget. Especially if you’re a small start-up, you can probably think of a million other things you can use your money for.

The good news is, you can still build a decent website traffic without having to rely on ads.
Here are a few things to pay attention to.


500 to 600 words would do the trick, but it also helps to vary the length and format and go for that 1,600-word piece or a 2,500-word article every now and then.

A healthy mix of evergreen content and news would be great in hooking in the audiences. Evergreen content would mean having the audience’s attention over a longer period of time, while news pieces would be perfect for that sudden surge of interest.

Lists, how-tos and infographics are among the most powerful types of content you can use. You can do some guest posting as well to widen your audience base.

Make sure your headlines are click-worthy. Some of the most effective formats are:

Ones that start with numbers
Ones that ask a question
Case studies

Development and Testing

Responsive format
Decades ago, people expected pretty much the same format from every page they visited. But now, things are a whole lot different. Laptops, smartphones, tablets – name it, people go online on it. This means that content would have to be adjusted depending on screen size, resolution, etc.

Page speed is crucial. A single second in delay can actually cause you to lose 7% of your conversions. 10 seconds into a page that has not fully loaded yet, and people will automatically leave the page.
Factors that affect page speed are redirects, image optimization, server response time, content distribution network used, among others.

Nowadays, design is not just about how pretty a page looks. Functionality is also affected by the way things are designed. A poorly-designed page, for example, may be tough for users to navigate. There may also be elements that should be highlighted, like call-to-action buttons that are not given enough emphasis.

Marketing and Social Media

It’s a given that you’ll be using social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, but LinkedIn should definitely be part of your list. With professionals, entrepreneurs and corporate giants all networking through the platform, it’s the best place to make yourself known as an influencer in your field.

Email Marketing
It’s one of the oldest tactics in the book, but just because you have new platforms to take advantage of doesn’t mean that you can skip it. 67% of millennials in the US check their emails using their mobile gadgets regularly, so you may want to consider that number when strategizing for your email campaign.


One of the things that makes social media an effective platform is the fact that people can leave comments on your posts, and you can comment right back. It’s the perfect opportunity for you not only to hear what your audiences think and feel, but also to acknowledge and answer each comment in a timely manner.

Contests are now easier to host with the number of digital platforms at your fingertips. You can do photo contests, video contests, sharing challenges, and a lot more.

A community forum is a great way to get like-minded people together. It’s also the perfect place for people to ask questions and get answers not only from you, but also from people who have the same interests as them.

Having a regular webinar (probably a monthly one) is a great way to teach people a thing or two about what you do. It could be a tutorial or a step-by-step for a process, or maybe an informational class about a relevant topic.

Start examining your strategies and find ways to incorporate these factors into your existing plans. There just might be a few things you’re missing out on that could make all the difference.

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