My Customers are Abandoning Their Carts During Checkout! What Do I Do? 

My Customers are Abandoning Their Carts During Checkout! What Do I Do? 




There is nothing more frustrating than seeing amazing numbers in terms of site visitors, but seeing those numbers drop when it comes to conversion and sales.

Yes, you are not alone in dealing with the dilemma of losing people when they reach checkout. In fact, eCommerce retailers see an average of 69.2% abandonment rate. Looks like people enjoy filling their carts, but are thrown off when it’s time to check out. 

Why does this happen? A survey tells us that these are the most common reasons:

  • 60% say that they abandon their carts because of high extra costs like shipping or taxes.
  • 37% opt out during checkout because they are asked to create an account.
  • 28% find the checkout process too long or too complicated.
  • 23% abandon their carts before they even reach checkout because they cannot see the total cost of their orders upfront.

So how do you remove your own customers from these statistics?

  1. Be transparent with the costs.

You can’t blame people for losing their trust when they don’t see their final order cost that easily. After all, if you’ve got nothing to hide, wouldn’t you be confident enough to show them everything upfront?

Find a way to make the final cost visible each time a customer adds something to their cart. You can probably add a section on a corner or side of the page showing the estimated total cost. And once they reach checkout, make sure extra costs are shown in detail. Don’t just say “other charges”. Say, “10% VAT” or “DHL Express Shipping”. 

Basically, “vague and hidden” means “suspicious”, while “clear and transparent” means “trustworthy”.

  1. Add a cart dropdown.

It also helps your customers to see what they’ve carted so far. Sometimes, customers end up abandoning their carts altogether when they realized they’ve added too many items in it. Sure, you can always say that it’s easy to delete stuff from the list if they over-cart, but that mindset will get you nowhere. Offer every possible convenience to make their shopping experience seamless. 

Here’s a great example from Bonobos:


  1. Don’t require account creation.

It’s a different story if you’re dealing with financial accounts or goods that are highly valuable, like jewelry. But if your customers are only planning to buy a few shirts, why make them go through the hassle of creating an account that asks tons of questions?

Walmart allows their online shoppers to continue with the checkout process using a guest account. 


As for the others, they also add an option to sign in using their Facebook account. This makes the entire signup process easier, usually allowing you to create the account in a single click.

  1. Keep the checkout process simple.

Once again, Walmart does this part beautifully.


As you can see, the checkout process has been split into 3 simple steps, with each step containing a description of what happens next. This way, customers aren’t blindly following random arrows or “next” buttons, which can make them wary about the entire process.

  1. Don’t ask for too much information. 

Assess your forms and think about what details you don’t really need. Keep the spaces to a minimum, and be specific so that customers won’t be confused. 

Did you know that 42% of online shoppers end up editing their entries because of mistakes on their name? If you’re splitting the first and last names into different fields, say “first name” instead of just “name”. If possible, have them type in their entire name in a single field to avoid confusion.


Your products are perfect. Your marketing has delivered the traffic you need onto your pages. Wouldn’t it be a shame if they end up abandoning their carts just because of these small details you overlooked?

Start assessing not only your checkout process but the other steps leading to it as well. Eliminate all the unnecessary elements, and find opportunities to make the process easier. Before you know it, you’ll see less abandoned carts and more sales pouring in.

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