Is Guest Blogging a Waste of Time? Even Neil Patel Doesn’t Think So!

Is Guest Blogging a Waste of Time? Even Neil Patel Doesn’t Think So! 




Most people don’t see the value of writing guest posts. After all, if they’re going to pour out their creative juices, why put it on someone else’s page? Might as well put it on their own blog, right?

If this is the same mindset you have, then I’ll be blunt in telling you that you’re throwing tons of leads out the window.

Even digital marketing guru Neil Patel admits that he uses guest posting as one of his major lead generation strategies.

If someone who has already risen to the top still believes in the power of guest blogging, who are we to say otherwise?

Here are 5 essential tips you need to remember in creating lead-generating guest posts.

  1. Find relevant websites.

Just because a certain website is popular doesn’t automatically mean that you should attempt to write a blog post for them. If your target audience includes men aged 35-50, would it make sense for you to target a women’s online magazine? I don’t think so.

Look for a blog that also caters to the same audience your business is trying to reach. This way, you are sure that the people you’re reaching will definitely qualify as leads for your business. 

  1. Make sure the site is credible.

Anything that is linked to your brand will automatically be a reflection of who you are. Be careful in being associated with sites that are not seen as credible, or that have a less than positive reputation. 

How can you check credibility?

Look at what kind of posts they have, and the kind of feedback they receive. If audiences stay away from the site because they are known to publish inaccurate information, do you think that would reflect nicely on your brand? 

Some sites may also be notorious for other things – having too many ads, accepting too many sponsored content, etc. If you don’t want people to think they’ll have the same experience on your own pages, then steer clear of posting as a guest on these places.


  1. Be unique and memorable.

There will always be a set of guidelines to follow when you create a guest post. But these rules only limit your word count, your format, and possibly, the topic you’ll be writing about. In terms of style and opinion, these will be solely yours. Make the most out of it.

There’s a sea of content out there, even in the confines of that single blog or website. And the keyword here is “Guest Post”. People have to see why you’re worthy enough to have been given a corner to post your thoughts on. Your content has to shine over the other regular posts in there.

  1. Make that introduction count.

How do you get new people to your website? First, they have to read your guest post. And for them to read your guest post, you’ll have to work hard on creating an introduction that hooks them right in.

43% of online readers only skim through articles. For you to make them read your post in its entirety, you have to give them a good reason to do so. 

  1. Link to your site.

The funniest (and most frustrating) thing you can do in creating a guest post is forgetting to link back to your own site. You were already given the opportunity to be seen and heard beyond your own pages – don’t waste it.

Don’t expect people to find you on their own after enjoying your content, either. That’s too much work for them. 

Just create natural hyperlinks. If you mention anything related to a blog you published just last week, for example, you can use that as an anchor text that links right back to your own pages. This is a great way to increase traffic organically on your site. 


Don’t be fooled into thinking that guest posts are useless. Just as you’re exerting effort into creating amazing content for your own page, pour your heart out into guest blogs as well. It gets your name out there, it shows people who might not have heard of you just yet that you know what you’re talking about, and it leads people right back into your pages the moment they see the value in your content.

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