How to Make Instagram a Critical Part of Your Social Media Marketing Strategies

How to Make Instagram a Critical Part of Your Social Media Marketing Strategies 

If you don’t know Instagram, I don’t know what rock you’ve been living under in the past few years. But hands down, it has become the go-to social media platform for anything image-centric.
Every social media specialist knows that Instagram is the place to go especially if you have a fairly younger audience. Out of over 1 billion users, 60% of those in the US are under 30 years old.

It’s also good to know that over 80% are from outside the US. So if you want to reach a more global audience, it’s starting to look like a pretty good investment.

Here are a few tips for those who want to make Instagram an integral part of their social media marketing strategy:

Use hashtags

On Instagram, posts that have at least one hashtag gets 12.6% better engagement than all other posts without it. This alone describes how important this symbol is for Instagram users.
Here’s the tricky part. Your hashtags can’t be too specific or too unique because nobody would probably be searching for it. You can’t make them too general either, because your content will just drown in a sea of similar other posts.
Research also shows that posts with 9 hashtags seem to get the best engagement. Going for hashtags with around 21 characters would be best, too.

Spread the word

As with all other social media platforms, you can’t survive on Instagram if you use it on its own. It’s always best to cross-promote your Instagram posts not only on your Facebook account, but on marketing emails, blogs, and landing pages, too.

Run a contest

Instagram users are always excited to participate in contests, which is awesome if you need to increase brand awareness. In fact, contests on Instagram can get 3.5 times more likes compared to regular posts. It also receives up to 64 times more comments!
This would be even better if you incorporate unique hashtags for contest entries.

Use emojis

If there are some of you who still find emojis as immature and inappropriate, you evidently have not discovered what wonders they can do for your engagement. 56% of profiles on Instagram actively use emojis, and in the last year alone, emoji usage increased by 19%.
Emojis make every post more engaging and inviting. Even when responding to your follower’s comments, adding emojis makes every interaction seem friendlier and more personal.

Post videos

Instagram may be image-centric, but the rising demand for video content has not gone unnoticed. This is why from the initial 15-second limit to video content using the platform, Instagram has increased the allowed timeframe to 60 seconds. And if you’ve been dabbling in video marketing, you know for a fact that you can do a lot in those 60 seconds.
Does it work? Well, photos may be getting more likes on Instagram. But videos get twice as much comments.

Have perfect timing

People don’t stay awake and online 24/7. This is why you need to have perfect timing when posting content on Instagram.
You’ll also notice that the platform is more fast-paced. Post something now and it will have a dozen other posts on top of it on your followers’ feeds in a matter of seconds.
Find out more about your target audience and see when they’re most active. Usually, Sundays show the lowest engagement. Weekdays are usually better. Posting at around 9PM would often show a higher number of interactions. A lot of users are also scrolling about at around 8AM.

Feature faces, not just things

Although you’d probably want to show images of your products, your followers will always look for a face to relate your brand to. In fact, Instagram posts that have faces in it usually gets 38% more likes. So squeeze in a facial shot or two every so often.

Without a doubt, Instagram can open up a load of opportunities for your brand. Apply these tips above, then let us know what results you see on your social media marketing.

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