Guess What Your Brand’s Biggest Marketing Opportunity Is?

Guess What Your Brand’s Biggest Marketing Opportunity Is?

If any of you do not believe that fact, then I think it’s time for you to reassess your priorities. 

Content is important. High quality products and services are important. 

But having happy customers trumps all of the above.

HubSpot hits all the right points with this line:


Gone are the days when hard-hitting tag lines were all you needed to stay on top of your game. Today’s consumers are big listeners. They listen to whatever other people say on social media. They talk to their peers and neighbors and ask for insights. And no matter how impactful you feel your content and overall marketing approach is, if your customers aren’t saying good things about you, then your brand is doomed.

Hard Truths Marketers Need to Accept

This isn’t going to be easy, especially if you’re still in a stage of denial. But here’s are a few truths that you must accept about being a marketer at this day and age:

  • Everybody is creating content.

A decade ago, you would have experienced a great boom in your business if you went ahead of the pack and started working on delivering amazing content to audiences. After all, this was the time when people were starting to discover how accessible information is.

But now, EVERYBODY has great content. You’re just a speck of dust in the middle of the dessert, and getting noticed is not as easy as it was before.

  • Social media is not as impactful as it was.

Disclaimer: we’re not saying that social media has zero impact. It still does, but with all your competition pouring their hearts and souls into their social media strategies as well, people are starting to feel overwhelmed at the info overload. 

Simply put, audiences would rather see posts from friends and family on their newsfeed – not from brands.

  • Customer acquisition is now more expensive.

Customer Acquisition Cost has been steadily climbing upwards in the last few years. 


Paid CAC is climbing even more quickly than Content CAC. And even if content is inexpensive, you just can’t survive on this alone. Algorithms are now highly in favor of the users, so without shelling out some investment, your content may remain unseen no matter how relevant it is.

So what’s the next step?

Happy Customers are Your Secret Weapons

It’s evident that customer behavior has evolved, which means that the entire industry must evolve with it as well. Patience is low. Skepticism is high. And guess what. Only 3% of your audience believe that marketers are trustworthy.


So how do you turn things around?


People hate it when they have to get into so much trouble just to get a product or service. Almost everything is now one click away. They expect you to deliver the same thing.

People also love it when they feel special. That’s what personalization can do. The moment they feel like you’re speaking to them directly and are finding ways to address their needs, you can bet on them coming back for more.

What happens after that?


You get to be the star in their social media posts, chats with friends, and face-to-face interactions with their peers.

55% of consumers trust word of mouth when making buying decisions. 

46% rely on customer references.

Keep your current customers happy and you get these two sectors right on your side.

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